There are a large number of ways that you can make money online and yes a lot of this can be done or no or low costs but it is very easy to be lead astray by the latest over hyped Guru or Clickbank offer, many are very good but their income claims are questionable and in other cases it is rehashed “stuff” you would “not give away to your grandmother”

It is easy to allow yourself to get sucked into all the special “one time” offers. Some of them are great and the value of what you are getting far exceeds the price you are paying but in other cases this is simply not true.

Luckily if you have time there are ways that you can make lots of money online for free or at low cost. Lets look at some of these opportunities:-

  • Freelance Writing – Have good writing skills? If so, why not become a freelance writer and produce money, writing articles for other people. There are many freelance sites that you can join to provide your writing service.
  • Affiliate Marketing – You can become an affiliate and promote products that are not your own and earn generous commission of 50% plus from each sale, or receive a much smaller payment per lead, or you can get paid from clicks generated through your affiliate link. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online as there is a huge earning potential. However there can be a lot of costs if you use Pay Per Click advertising methods so generation of ideally free or low cost traffic has to be key and you must measure the results!
  • Blogging – You can earn money from blogging and if you are good at writing and you find it fun and can write in an informative way – then why not use your core skill. It is easy to do and in most cases articles can be published for free. Here are some ideas:- offering direct advertisements, publishing sponsored posts, and promoting affiliate offers on blogs. However if using major sites they may have rules about cross promotion and if so you may get your articles blocked.
  • Online Surveys – If you have some time, there are many companies that need your opinion on a wide range of topics, usually products and services. These companies are willing to potentially pay you for your opinion. You simply join a legitimate online survey site and complete surveys online and you earn a certain amount per survey completed. Be aware some sites are scam sites and some can also be used for email harvesting so be careful which email address you use and who you give your details to.
  • Selling Products – if you have great products, selling these online is one of the most popular ways to make money. For the most part it is easy. Selling your own items via sites like Ebay, Commission Junction, Clickbank etc can help you generate some quick cash. By selling your own products – you can make a good amount of money plus you are building up your database of names who you can promote to in the future.
  • Flipping Websites – If you know how to develop websites and make them profitable, you can get involved in website flipping. This method of making money can be very profitable for you. Simply make a profitable website and selling it off to someone else for more profit. The costs of getting a website established and profitable though can be quite high so make sure you know what you are doing.
  • Services to Webmasters – Have you got skills that you can offer to webmasters? Eg, can you write quality articles in different topics, do database development, create landing pages/logos, or you good at SEO? Many webmasters are busy people and will pay people to do for them to save them time. There are great webmaster forums such as Warrior Forum, Digital Point and Wicked Fire.
  • Get Paid To Websites – There are business owners or websites that will pay you to read and respond to emails, click ads, completing surveys, market intelligence and signing up for trails so that those companies can find out about their competitors. You can make money doing this. However be aware that there are a lots of Scams out there which means you will never receive a dime and also some of the ethics of some of these techniques (unless you go with a reputable site) are highly questionable.
  • Offer Direct Advertisements – If you have a website or blog that has a good traffic and stats, you can offer advertisements. Many businesses will purchase banner and text link ads on websites and blogs. If you have good traffic why not do this, but then always make sure that you are comfortable with advertiser content first.
  • Create and Sell Ebooks, Video and Audio Training Courses as downloadable content– Informational products are very popular and will continue to be for a long time especially in light of development of the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle. If you know a lot about something and are passionate about it and you know that many people are wanting it then simply create digital products around that and sell them to make money online. Make sure that they are of high quality, offer something that lots of people need, and get the offers in front of them. It is however a much more competitive sector but there is still lots of money to be made online and the market is worldwide and huge.

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Rupert Honywood has a background in internet and database marketing and community list building. He hates the continual false claims of “instant wealth” made by an irresponsible significant minority, who just want to make a “quick buck” with your money!He loves helping people to success and seeing them achieve financial freedom. Claim your FREE 7 DAY VIDEO BOOTCAMP and FREE 22 Page Report on how to make money online.

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