GDI Coop

Do you need help building your GDI downline? GDI Coop may be the answer for you. It’s great for people that don’t have a lot of time to promote their GDI business.

What is GDI Coop?

GDI COOP is a cooperative advertising system that uses the power of the whole group to promote your GDI business. GDI is a fantastic online internet business opportunity that has been generating a good income for its members since 1999. You have the opportunity to try it for 7 days for free. That’s right, try

GDI Coop

free for 7 days!

Once you join, the whole team will advertise your business for free. We will add your GDI user name to our rotator (located in the header and footer of this page and on the “How it works” page.

Once you confirm your membership in GDI, you will then be in our downline team. We will help advertise your GDI business until you receive 6 – 1st level referrals. This will generate a profit of $6 per month for you.

Then we will stop advertising your GDI business and advertise your 6 – 1st level referrals GDI business. This will generate $36/month profit for you plus the $6 to total $42 per month.
We will continue to advertise your downline team member’s GDI business down to the 5th level until you generate a monthly income of

$9 330 / month

We will help you build your GDI downline! So join

GDI now by Clicking Here!

You will be glad you joined the GDI Coop!

GDI Coop