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There many affiliate sites, products and services online. So what is online affiliate marketing? It is when a product or sevice is promoted and a customer buys that product or service and is encouraged to bring in more customers. When they buy the product the first customer gets a bonus on the sales made through him and also gets a free incentive or cash reward. This second customer in turn introduces another set of customers to get the same benefits and thus online affiliate marketing grows like a chain or increases or multiplies quickly thereby increasing the customer base and also increasing your residual income.

Online affiliate marketing is fast catching on as people not only get to buy a quality product but also stand to gain something more such as residual income. The merchants only pay a small commission to their affiliates who refer other affiliates which result in sales.

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Create a residual income by using several online affiliate marketing programs. An all-in-one residual income producing program will generate six completely different streams of income with your own free website. The Residual Income Opportunity website is resource that you may want to check-out for affiliate marketing programs.

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