In recent years, Google Adsense has hit the headlines in the forums, newsletters and other cats in every corner of the Internet.

Stories bloom already, that tell the incredible success of these homeworkers who earn fortunes on the Internet. Google Adsense already seemed to dominate Internet commerce, but it is now considered the easiest way to earn money online.

The key to success with Adsense is the placing of advertisements on web pages that are viewed as related to keywords used extensively. More “cost-per-click” paid by the advertiser will be high, and the more you will receive per click money made through your site. It is obvious that it brings no place ads on poorly paid sites that receive only infrequent visits.

With all the people surfing the Internet and everything is clicking, it is not surprising that Google Adsense is an immediate success.

For those just starting in this business, this could be an attack on their pride to see their home page hidden somewhere among the ads for other companies. But when they realize they actually earn money in this way, the doubts and skepticism are quickly buried.

Here are two main factors and ingenious that webmasters and publishers are learning to merge, to increase the yield of Adsense.

Target the most visited pages of your site.

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