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Are you familiar with an auto-responder? This is a website that provides the service of helping you collect and build your lists of customers. This is done through what is called an opt-in form. You know the little boxes you see often on websites asking for your name and email address? Optin boxes are the best internet marketing tools to accumulate your list of clients. In addtition the email service provided by the auto-responder company will automate follow-up messages to your lists. As you know, not everyone who visits your website is going to buy from you. So if you capture their contact information, you could eventually make money from your list and not “leave money on the table”. Automated email services is another internet marketing tool which is indispensable.

Auto-responder service system will provide you with the optin forms which will fit into a Squeeze Page. The squeeze page is another internet marketing tool, which is like a one page website with an attractive graphic illustration with details of your offer and usually with a free gift. The free gift is usually in the form of a useful E-book offered in exchange of getting prospects name and email address. Once you have a list, you can keep close contact with your list, build trust and credibility with them and you will see that gradually your conversion rate for sales will grow considerably. How do you do that? Well you need to always offer value in forms of information, recommendations, advice and so on that will benefit your customers. They may be customers but if you can make them into your friends wouldn’t it be better? Most times it’s easier dealing with friends.

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Author : Nicholas Joseph. Have been in the business of sales and marketing for 30 years. For the past couple of years added my expertise to include internet marketing from various experts and institution of this field. Helping interested people to avoid scams and to learn how to properly make money online. Basically coaching them. More beneficial information and articles like this one on my blog at:

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