Prevailing wisdom has stated that starting your own home business in a bad economy is not a wise idea. Often, however, the contrary is true. Tough economic times can actually be conducive to launching your own business. This is especially true if you have specific skills that companies can use to offset reductions in staff and space. For example, telecommuting customer assistance representatives are very much in demand during a slow economy. Medical transcribers or billing personnel can easily start their own business from home. Many companies also use telecommuters to provide technical support for their help lines. None of these require a large investment, and there are many opportunities available.

During an economic slowdown, retail can suffer unless a company understands what the public wants. They do not simply stop buying. But they want to find a better price than most upscale department store will offer. This opens the door to online retailers if they can provide three crucial elements. First, the item or items must be something people will want or need. Next, the perception must be that the site has the best combination of price and value. And finally, online sales are generally poor for merchandise the customer can pick up at any corner store.

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