Blueprint Project Black launches on January 11, 2011. When it does, a fantastic opportunity to make money online will be available to a very select number of buyers. Created by Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton, it is the next evolution in their Niche Blueprint 2.0 – completely redesinged to make you more money, more easily. Niche Blueprint 2.0 provided tools and tutorials for newbies to masters. Blueprint Project Black Edition is rumored to upgrade the existing resources, add new ones that will blow away the competition, and provide a soup-to-nuts guide that will hold your hand through the process of forming profitable dropshipping businesses online.

“What’s dropshipping?” you ask? Hold on a sec, I’ll get to that. Are you familiar with THE 4-HOUR WORKWEEK, the New York Times Bestseller? It gives a plan to cut your workweek down to 4 hours by creating small businesses that allow you to live the life you’ve always wanted.

The author, Tim Ferriss, says that online businesses are best for allowing you to remove yourself from the equation and only having to work 4 hours a week. And what does he suggest most? Using the dropshipping model. He goes into great detail about a guy selling shirts from France, where the supplier handles orders and ships the shirts. The guy only markets them. And he does it through dropshipping.

You find products that companies offer – phones, equipment, software, etc. – where the company will take orders and ship their product under your name. You do the advertising and marketing. When you get an order over the web, your system automatically hands it off to the company. They process the order, then handle and ship the product. There are limitless numbers of companies who drop ship products. Finding customers is your job. The drop shipper handles the rest.

Benefits? No inventory. Processing fees on credit card payments and hosting for the website are basically the only overhead you have. You have control: you determine the selling price, and you keep the profit between your selling price and the price you pay your supplier. People who want to get out of the rat race? This is your chance. Need a new source of income, whether just a little, or a lot? One of these websites, if successful, could pay your mortgage. Depending on how successful the site is, it could replace your regular job’s wages. Now imagine how much four successful online businesses could make, where you only work 16 hours a week…

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