Are you in need of some extra money? Do you hate getting up every morning and going to your job? Are you sick and tired of having to follow the orders of jackass bosses? Do you want to make money so you can live life the way you want it?

Tens of thousands of people have used internet marketing as a way to say ‘So long’ to their day jobs and start making money on their own terms. Affiliate marketing is a great place for new marketers to begin, since it is so cheap to start up.

If you’ve never heard of that term, here’s what affiliate marketing is. It’s basically where you are the advertising guy for a pre-existing product or website, and you send people to that website to buy their product. Then, when somebody buys something, you get a commission. ‘Affiliate’ means you’re affiliated with that site in a business relationship.Virtually every major website or retailer on the planet has some sort of affiliate program, including,, and tens of thousands of others.

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