The majority of the people who visit your website will not buy from you on their first visit. In fact, most people do not buy a product on the Internet until they have seen it or heard about it at least 7 times. Think about this yourself. How many times did you hear about a product or service before you actually bought it? If it is any less than 7 times, you are a little unusual. But the point is, most people need multiple exposures to a product or service before they buy it.

If you go out and spend a great deal of time and money promoting a product on the Internet and you do not have an effective way to capture and follow-up with your website visitors to remind them about the products and services you are promoting, you will lose a lot of sales. A great way to capture visitors is to offer a free subscription to your Newsletter and the autoresponder will do the job of following up with your visitors

If your sales page captures 30 subscribers after you send 100 visitors to it and you are using an autoresponder, you have a very good chance of automatically converting 10 or more of those 30 subscribers to customers in the future through your automated follow-up autoresponder/newsletter series. Remember, whenever someone visits your home page or your sales page and signs up for your newsletter, they will be automatically followed up. All of those follow-up messages are working on your behalf to provide value, build trust and ultimately lead your subscriber to buy one of your affiliate products and/or sign up for the service offered.

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